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January 25, 2011
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Emerald eyes looked across the room, frightened by the sight of the green hedgehog. Sonic didn't know what to do. He couldn't ignore him, but if he confronted him, then there will be trouble... Whether it was to be a fight, or just pure humiliation for him. Wishing he could drop dead where he stood, the blue hedgehog walked up, pencil and notepad held up, trying to hide as much as his face as he possibly could. "Welcome to Club Rouge. May I take your order?"
Club Rouge by night is one of the most energetic and hip bar in Mobious, but by day, it's a simple rest stop for people looking for a nice breakfast to sit down and enjoy. Rouge actually came up with that idea when so many people got drunk and would wake up hungry after the party.
The green hedgehog looked up, his icy blue eyes widened with surprise for a moment, but then smirked. "Yes, I'd like the number 5 with black coffee." He merely replied, so many things he'd like to say, but did not. He was too tired from his trip to bother, knowing his comments would probably lead to a fight. "Okay, sir."
Sonic almost ran to the back, wanting to get away as fast as he could, but Rouge was strict on making him walk. She was tired of napkins and papers always flying about. "So, who's that?" Sonic paused by the sink for a moment, and looked at the purple cat, leaning there. "N-no one." Blaze looked at her claws, bored because it was a slow morning. "Really? Then why are you blushing about it? you dated him?"
"Ha ha, funny..." Sonic mummbled, before looking at his reflection in the stainless steel fridge, seeing that his fac,e was indeed, red. "Well, then why so red? You obviously do know him..." "He used to be my rival, when I was younger..." Blaze nodded, thinking she got it now. "So... Afraid what he'll think of your cute little outfit?"
Sonic didn't even reply then. Hem uttered something about having to get the meal ready and went ot the back, even redder than before. He couldn't help, but look at the little maid outfit he was forced to wear. 'Why couldn't I be the dishwasher?' He grumbled, feeling more awkward than usual.

"Here is your breakfast, sir." Sonic mumbled, placing the tray onto the table. Before Scourge could say a thing, Sonic turned away, about to walk away. "Hold on there." Before Sonic could react, an arm swiftly wrapped itself around his waist, pulling him to the green hedgehog.
"Scourge! Let go." Sonic growled, quills bristling. "Isn't this place a club?" Scourge merely asked, holding Sonic close to him. "Only at night, and would you-?!" The green hedgehog placed his finger on Sonic's lips, silencing him. "Relax, Blue... We're alone here..." "Either you let go, or I'll punch you and break your nose!"
"You can't though, can you?" He smirked, petting the top of Sonic's head. "You'd get in trouble with your boss~" He paused for a moment, his grin growing more wicked. "Hey, does the owner still let customers buy her employees for a night?" "How the hell should I know?! I only work day-shift!!" Sonic's patience had already went far across the line, now it was about to explode.
"Actually we still do~" Sonic froze, wishing he would just drop dead right now. "Even morning shift, employees?" Scourge asked, dispite Sonic's growl. "Get. Off. Me." Rouge grinned, finding this oddly cute from the two of them, even though she had no idea who the green hedgehog was. "Yes, actually." "Rouge!" Sonic pleaded, not wanting to wind off being "bought" by Scourge.
"Business, is business, Sonic." Rouge smiled, as Scourge handed her a large sum of money. "How many hours for that?" The white bat flicked through the greenbacks, her eyes revealing her love for money. "Oh... I'd say... 12 hours with this much.... Turn him back in one piece." Sonic slapped his hand againt his forehead. he moment he came back, he was definately going to quit.
"Well, first off, my slave~ We'll have breakfast together, then we'l; head over to my place~"

Sonourge - First Time Part 1by xDarkSonicx

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / Teen / Short Stories©2011-2014 xDarkSonicx
Is either going to be only 2 parts, or 3.
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i was thinking that would happend but it didint XD
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Sonic's all like "i fucking hate u people!"XD
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